Dealing with Sudden Death

Whether dealing with an anticipated or a sudden death, your personal loss can be very painful.

The resources listed below may be help to you with when trying to understanding what you can expected in the days, weeks, and months to come following this loss.

If you would like more information regarding a sudden death or you would like to speak to some about your loss, please contact Bow Valley Victim Services or phone 403 760-0197.  We would be pleased to be of assistance to you.

Thank you all very sincerely for the support each of you gave me last Saturday (22 Aug) after Eileen had died. My memory of that afternoon is hazy, but I know you cleared up her stuff for me, made me eat & drink, and kept me sane until my daughter arrived at midnight. Without you I would have gone mad.... you guys from BVVSA really went the "extra mile" to help me back towards normality.