Court Information

If you are a victim of a crime and an offender has been charged for committing this offence, this crime will be dealt with by the Canadian Criminal Justice System. This system can at times seem both complicated and confusing. With information and support however, this does not need to be the case.

As a victim of a crime, you do have rights and entitlements. To learn more about what you can expect from the criminal justice system, please review Alberta's Victims of Crime Protocol.

If you are a witness to a crime you may be called to testify in court regarding this matter. Information attached below will help you prepare yourself to be a witness. You may also find this powerpoint presentation on what to expect in court to be of help (produced by the APBVSA and Calgary Police) - 

When in court it can also common to hear terms that you may not be familiar with. To learn more about specific court terms, please refer to the attachment below.

If you are a witness you may also incur some expenses when attending court. To help with these costs, you are eligible to make a claim to the courts for some of these expenses e.g. travel costs, meals and accommodation.

If you are traveling from out of town and are required to attend court as a Crown witness, the Crown Prosecutor’s office maybe of assitance to you regarding your travel and accommodation needs. These arrangements should be made once you have received your subpoena (advising when and where you are to testify) and prior to your court appearance.

If you would like support and assistance while your matter is before the courts, please contact Bow Valley Victim Services or phone 403 760-0197. We can update you regularly on the status of your matter before the court, can attend court with you and can also provide you with additional information regarding the Canadian Criminal Justice system.

Having someone go with you to the dreaded trial, really does make a difference. It helped me so much to have You assist me, throughout that whole process. I am eternally thankful for all the time you devoted; you were one of the people who saved me from going crazy. Thank you.