Board of Directors

The Bow Valley Victim Services Association is a legal entity existing through incorporation.

The BVVSA operates under the direction of a Board of Directors. Their role is to govern the operations of Bow Valley Victim Services through the formal establishment of policies. They meet regularly to monitor and manage the affairs of the Association. The Board consists of five to ten members.

As of March, 2017 the membership of the Board of Directors for the BVVSA is as follows:

  • Mary Buckingham - President
  • Maureen Van Tassell - Treasurer
  • S/Sgt John Eneas - Director
  • Sarah Jones - Director
  • Jane Brideau-Hudspith - Director
  • Kathryn Williams (leave of absence)

For more information on how to become a BVVSA Board Member, please contact our Executive Director at Bow Valley Victim Services.